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Winery Fire Status in Glen Ellen / Kenwood

In the early morning of October 9, fires began threatening areas of Sonoma County, quickly clouding them in smoke and ash. With an evacuation ordered and conflicting reports, I became concerned for my favorite local wineries in Glen Ellen and Kenwood. Although the immediate danger is over, the fires are still burning, so I will continue to update this page, including which wineries are open for visiting.

Wineries are listed in alphabetical order, and refer to the tasting room location if separate from vineyards. For the latest news on Sonoma area fires, I recommend following Sarah Stierch on twitter @sara_stierch.

Amapola Creek Vineyards & Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire and generator in place.

Arrowood (10/12)
Safe from fire.

Beltane Ranch (10/13)
Damaged by fire, extent unknown. Buildings appear to be standing.

Benziger Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire.

B.R. Cohn Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire.

Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Vineyards (10/15)
Heavy fire damage, extent unclear.

Chateau St. Jean (10/13)
Minor / cosmetic damage on the property, temporarily closed through October 24, but it has not been destroyed.

Coturri & Sons Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire.

Deerfield Ranch Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire.

En Garde Winery (10/10)
Unclear status.

Eric Ross Winery (10/14)
Safe from fire.

GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire.

Hamel Family Wines (10/12)
Buildings survived, some burns on the property and in the vines, but not severe.

Imagery Winery (10/12)
Safe from fire.

Kenwood Vineyards (10/17)
Minor damage to the property.

Kivelstadt Cellars (10/13)
Safe from fire.

Korbin Kameron (10/12)
Fire damage, including their house, outbuildings, and part of the vineyards.

Kunde Family Winery (10/10)
Safe from fire.

Landmark Vineyards
Hop Kiln Estate tasting room is now open.

La Rochelle Winery (10/17)
Safe from fire.

Lasseter Family Winery (10/17)
Safe from fire.

Laurel Glen Vineyard (10/10)
Safe from fire.

Ledson Winery & Vineyards (10/12)
Safe from fire.

Little Vineyards Family Winery (10/13)
Safe from fire.

Loxton Cellars (10/16)
Safe from fire.

MacLeod Family Vineyard (10/10)
Evacuated, but no further information.

Mayo Family Winery (10/16)
Safe from fire and generator in place.

Muscardini Cellars (10/11)
Safe from fire.

Paradise Ridge Winery (10/16)
Heavy fire damage to property, but harvest continues.

Sunce Winery and Vineyard
Unknown status.

Talisman Wines (10/13)
Safe from fire.

Ty Caton Vineyards (10/14)
Safe from fire.

Valley of the Moon at Madrone Estate
They are currently operational, and their tasting room is open.

VJB Cellars (10/16)
Safe from fire.

Wellington Cellars (10/16)
Safe from fire.

Other locations of note:
– Bouverie Preserve (Damaged, but buildings survived)
– Gaige House (safe – minor debris and fence knocked down, but no fire damage to the property)
– Glen Ellen Village Market (safe)
– Glen Ellen Inn (safe)
– Glen Ellen Star (safe)
– The Jack London Lodge (safe)
– Jack London State Historic Park (safe)
– Olea Hotel (cottages destroyed, main building has minor damage)
– Quarryhill Botanical Garden (safe)


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This is not a guide for evacuation or an invitation to visit any of these wineries. The area is still hazardous and closed to the public, please avoid the roads unless you are a resident, and follow evacuation guidelines.