Arrowood Winery

Spectacular Views at Arrowood Vineyards & Winery

By Alexa Chipman July 4, 2017

Arrowood Winery

Emphasizing red wines, such as cabernet sauvignon, Arrowood’s true signature is their breathtaking location. Perched up the hill from Imagery Estate Winery, their tasting room overlooks spectacular vistas of vineyards, dramatic hills and aged oak trees for some of the best scenery in Glen Ellen.

Inside, wide bay windows back the elegant tasting counter, and on the veranda are comfortable tables and chairs. For a minor fee and reservation, you can bring a picnic to enjoy with Arrowood wine out on the porch.

Arrowood Winery

Choose from either a Portfolio Tasting or Artisan Cheese Pairing, which includes locally sourced fromage and jams that, for the most part, compliment the wine.

Tasting notes:

2016 Rosé
This unique wine is unfiltered with a subtle aroma of melon and unripened peaches, but intense flavor that is ideal for Summer picnics.

2016 Sauvignon Blanc (Alexander Valley)
A lovely apricot and ginger aroma gives way to a mix of floral notes in the wine itself.

2016 Chardonnay
Orange blossoms in the bouquet lead the way to a tropical, peach flavor that is slightly bitter. In the pairing, a creamy goat cheese softened it to the perfect balance.

2013 Proprietary Red Blend
It is a pleasant wine, with mild tobacco aroma and leather edged flavor with touches of earthy oak and a savory finish. Its tannins aren’t punching through, keeping well in the background, and it mingled with the sweet fig marmalade for a delicious combination.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma Valley)
This is a bit of a generic wine, with bland berry aroma and taste, but it would work well as a dinner accompaniment. I am not sure it goes with the hard cheese it was paired with.

2012 Réserve Spéciale Cabernet Sauvignon
Its subtle smoke aroma has hints of cherry, rather heavy on the tannins. As a result, it creates a powerful combination with strong cheeses and dark chocolate. The rosemary truffle provided with the wine and cheese flight was amazing, especially with this wine.

2013 Saralee’s Vineyard Late Harvest Riesling (Russian River)
Multi layered with an initial whiff of diesel that is somewhat unpleasant, the taste begins with definite petroleum that gradually sweetens into caramel apple until the finish turns into a luscious citrus. Since pairing a dessert wine that is too sweet with already sweetened dessert is not a good idea, this would be a sound option to use, but I would not recommend drinking it on its own without accompaniment.

Arrowood Winery

Arrowood Vineyards & Winery is a beautiful tasting room to visit, and although their wine is not particularly notable, it has a gentle softness to it that contrasts with many wines in this region.

Daily 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: 14347 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen CA

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