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Sonoma Portworks in Petaluma

Delicious Dessert Wines at Sonoma Portworks

By Alexa Chipman September 4, 2017

Sonoma Portworks in Petaluma

Sonoma Portworks made a name for itself in Petaluma with their tiny industrial tasting room in Foundry Wharf, a short walk from downtown and the waterfront. The area has come alive in the last few years, with farm-to-table restaurants and “Theatre District” shops.

Bill Reading founded Portworks, after experimenting with blending flavor essences directly into the wine, like chocolate and hazelnut, creating their signature DECO and DUET ports. The line quickly expanded and now includes the rocket fuel level grappas, which have such a kick to them that they are offered in tiny one sip cups, rather than a glass, and will leave your eyes watering after their tasty but intense flavor. Their Sonomic offerings are closer to vinegar and marvelous to cook with, using muscat and cabernet sauvignon bases. (more…)