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Chateau St. Jean

Splendid Gardens & Wine at Chateau St. Jean

By Alexa Chipman May 7, 2017

Resplendent with pink and white roses, Chinese lantern bushes of dangling fiery blossoms and mandarin orange flowers, the grounds of Chateau St. Jean are dazzling in springtime, with meandering pathways, picnic tables and benches to enjoy a glass of wine. Its European style, known as the “chateau” by neighbors, who inspired the name, was built from 1916-1920 as a summer home for a family from Michigan. They were popular hosts, and received a magnolia tree gifted by Luther Burbank that stands to one side of the patio, nearly 100 years old. Although not conceived of as a winery, there were white wine grapes planted on the original estate.

Chateau St. Jean