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Arrowood Winery

Spectacular Views at Arrowood Vineyards & Winery

By Alexa Chipman July 4, 2017

Arrowood Winery

Emphasizing red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Arrowood’s true signature is their breathtaking location. Perched up the hill from Imagery Estate Winery, their tasting room overlooks spectacular vistas of vineyards, dramatic hills and aged oak trees for some of the best scenery in Glen Ellen.

Inside, wide bay windows back the elegant tasting counter, and on the veranda are comfortable tables and chairs. For a minor fee and reservation, you can bring a picnic to enjoy with Arrowood wine out on the porch. (more…)

Coturri & Sons Winery Estate Vineyard

Coturri & Sons Natural Method Table Wines

By Alexa Chipman June 17, 2017

Coturri & Sons Winery Estate Vineyard

Tucked away in the hills above Glen Ellen, Coturri specializes in natural wine crafted through a neutral environment that allows grapes to blossom without interference. They are a working winery, without a fancy tasting room, surrounded by winemaking equipment, friendly dogs, and a small estate vineyard of primarily Zinfandel. (more…)

Modern Winemaking Techniques from Around the World

By Alexa Chipman May 21, 2017

There is an inherent prejudice against advancing winemaking technology, since it is a field that is steeped with history and carefully curated handcrafting of the perfect product. Techniques are handed down through generations of vintners and winemakers, and they work well—but what if the process could be improved? Why should we continue to make the same mistakes, just because it was done by previous generations? Innovators from around the world are questioning age old customs, trying to streamline and improve traditional methods.

New Zealand Vineyard (more…)